Inside The Global “Club” That Helps Executives Escape Their Crimes

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Excerpt , The Court that rules the world and some of the Players. We will visit the Global Club that helps executives escape their Crimes.

Known as Investor State Review or ISDS.

It is written into a vast network of treaties, that govern International Trade and Investments including NAFTA and the Trsns-Pacifiic Partnership. Soon Congress must decide if to ratify.

  • Source: Chris Hambly is and investigative reporter in Washington for Buzzfeed.
  • Sketch by Danilo Angutoli Ostentatious Dubai Real Estate Moguls recognise Hussain Sajwani is in the mix.
    Hussain Sajwani authoritarian Gov. Sketch artist: Daniel Agutoli for Buzzfeed

    Sketches by Family Agutoli for Buzzfeed

ISDS the Club in town for some notorious deals. Imagine a Global Super Court that empowers Corporations, to bend Countries to there will.

The Death ttpsof a Child in El Salvador due to being sick by Lead Poison. They have devised new and creative ways to…

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