The story of the Ku Klux Klan in pictures: racism, civil rights and murder – Flashbak

These need to reintroduced

Peace Now

This is a Complete Timeline of The Evolution of Great Evil.
I had tears while researching for this detailed and correct timeline.

I was not here, am not part of such Horror, but just to know that this type of Hate was Egged on and Revered by the South, in America is Shameful.

It was not enough the Native Africans were forcefully removed from there Homeland and Culture to become owned property was not enough.

When will it be enough, I will never again engage with anyone who says Black Americans Play Victims.

Plainly, life is not so kind on those who’s Lands were Stolen, and those who made this Country Run via No Pay Labor and Abuse.

I am taken aback, I am so so sorry, to all those who have suffered and are still suffering at the Hands of These People.

It’s time we move forward…

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